Halani Lobdell


Allow me to introduce myself...
Halani Lobdell is a wife, mother, and fitpreneur. Across social media she is most notably known as “Mrs2weeksout,” the motivational fitness influencer behind the most sought out boot camp in Atlanta, Georgia, Glute Camp. 

Halani grew up as an athlete with an affinity for track and dance. However, like many women, weight loss became a struggle when she gained 50lbs after the birth of her second child. Unhappy and struggling to get the weight off, Halani enlisted a personal trainer to jump start her weight loss journey.

With proper guidance, she trained with a purpose, and that included following a regimented meal plan, and working out 5 days a week. Within 3 months, she lost the baby weight and became addicted to the results.

Through that journey, Halani discovered she truly loved taking ownership and control of her body and enrolled in her first bodybuilding competition in 2014 and several more after that. Her husband, Jason Lobdell (aka “Mr2weeksout”) played a huge role in keeping her accountable. Together, they built a fitness empire inspiring and empowering everyday people to take ownership of their health inside and outside the gym. 

Together, they partnered to build The Loft Athletic Club, a premier training facility for celebrities and professional athletes in Atlanta. Her popular training style, focused on building toned legs and a bigger backside, led to the birth of Glute Camp. Halani understands and empathizes with the demand’s women face balancing work, family, and health. The success of Glute Camp pivoted to the creation of her in-home training program, Lower Body Blast. Creating the Lower Body Blast was her passion project to help all women feel amazing, to feel body confident and in love with themselves inside and out.

She has a genuine interest in helping women feel their absolute best. Through her website, she has created a convenient one-stop shop for all things health and fitness. She sincerely hopes that visiting her website can help empower you to take control over your health and wellness.